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Time Saving

Our Vision


By using our proven equipment and methods of working, we can reduce the amount of time taken to perform tasks that have historically been time consuming.


Our equipment is incredibly simple to use; anyone can be trained to use the equipment efficiently and effectively within a few hours.

Is a very simple one; to re-define working practices, bringing them up to date whilst improving efficiency and lowering costs.


As a company born in times of austerity and during an industry wide slump, our vision has never been more relevant.


We are currently working with several major operators in the North Sea demonstrating how our products can save them both time and money.


Industry Standard Output

Our equipment uses industry standard output formats for ease of use within all major design / CAD applications.

History  |  Experience and Expertise



We have over 30 years first hand experience of working in the Offshore Environment so we are fully versed in the ways of the industry.  We also have over 20 years experience working in the Onshore construction industry in both the private and commercial sectors.



Offshore / Onshore Structural Surveys

Structural Steel Structures

Steelwork Fabrication & Assembly

Pipework Fabrication and Assembly

Offshore Logistics

Offshore / Onshore Construction

Industry Standard CAD Applications


Scanning Service

NEO-Tech now offer a 3D laser scanning facility where we will carry out all your 3D laser scanning requirements.

The relatively new technology of 3D imaging and laser scanning is essentially the rapid capture of three dimensional data using laser beam signals reflected from an object or surface. - Learn More...


Laser Scanning Markets:

• Architectural design

• Structural design

• Heritage

• Manufacturing

• Retail

• Real estate

• Crime scenes


With the FARO Focus 3D scanners we are now able to capture data at a rate of up to 1 million points per second. The 360° x 320° field of view allows very dense point clouds, comprising of literally millions of co-ordinated points created within minutes.


Our clients are able to take virtual tours of the site / facility from the comfort of their office. The scan data can be accessed via photorealistic; colour point clouds and can be freely interrogated. Measurements can be made quickly and easily as and when required without the need for return visits.



• Asset management

• Store planning

• Health and Safety planning

• Design verification & as-built surveys

• Heritage recording for posterity

• Monitoring

• Animations and visualisations

• Refurbishments, retrofits and additions.



• Point cloud model with exports to any CAD package

• Webshare



Products  |  Our Tools for the job

DOT Product DPI-8 Scanner

I.S. Tablets & Phones

Faro Focus X 330 Laser Scanner

A mobile hand-held 3D Spatial Scanner that delivers accurate, high quality data instantly...Learn More


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Intrinsically safe equipement designed to use Offshore..... Learn More


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Mobile Scanner capable of scanning 360 Deg, 330m radius...Learn More


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Faro Focus X 130 Laser Scanner

Faro Focus X 30 Laser Scanner

Faro Scanner Freestyle X

Fast and exact indoor and outdoor measurements in three dimensions...

Learn More


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The smart entry-level X series laser scanner

Learn More


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The new FARO Scanner Freestyle3DX, a handheld scanner for professionals

Learn More


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• Easy to understand Panoramic views

• Intuitive Overview Map

• Album of all scans of a project

• Measurements in Panoramic View and Overview Map

• No Knowledge about 3D systems and laser scanning is required

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email: sales@neo-tech.co.uk

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